The Art of Letting Go

 “Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater

power than defending or hanging on.”  

Eckhart Tolle

Do you have something in your life right now that you can’t seem to let go of? Things such as:

  • Something you did in the past you can’t forgive yourself for
  • Hurt feelings, grudges, resentments that clutter up your heart, mind and energy field
  • A past relationship that ended years ago, but, inside you still hang on or obsess about it
  • Patterns, beliefs, behaviors that no longer serve you, and yet you keep repeating
  • A current relationship or situation that your heart knows is over, but, you can’t say good bye
  • Clutter in your home, desk, clothing, etc. (An overabundance of things you don’t use.)

Maybe you’ve heard yourself say, “I’m so tired of this. I need to let it go.” And, yet, there it is, day after day, taking up your time and draining you of your energy. Often creating a sense of helplessness and discouragement, fearing it will always be like this.

Many of the people I work with are dealing with letting go of situations or people or patterns that no longer serve them.  It may be something that looks simple to others, but it’s often not easy, and takes courage.

We often have these concerns:

If I let this go…

  • Who will I be?
  • Will I be safe?
  • What will my life look like?
  • Can I handle the reaction of others?
  • Am I allowed?
  • Does this mean I’m giving up?

I can totally relate. I know how hard it is to let go. There were situations and people from my past that I needed to let go, or forgive myself for something I had done, that I was afraid I would never be able to do.

And, yet today I am free of them.  Not that my letting go is complete, it’s a daily practice. Or, if you’re a Roseanne Roseannadanna fan from SNL back in the day, you know that “It’s always something.”

A big key in life is about learning to let go.  To recognize when it’s time, and to have the courage to take that step.

And, when we are focusing on letting go it’s because we want to be free, to have our heart open, to be fully present.

What I have learned is that we can’t let go of something or someone from a place of anger, judgment, resentment, longing.  It just keeps coming back. Maybe you’ve noticed.

But, when we move to a higher place inside of us and ask for help from the consciousness that is greater than us, we can do it. There is a part of us that knows how.

So, there is hope. We are wired to move on, to take the next step, to let go of what no longer serves us, to come to that place of wholeness. Our Soul is guiding us daily to that place…urging us to let go of what no longer serves us.

This class is designed to:

  • Help you understand why it’s so difficult to let go.
  • Give you tools to help your clear and release what is no longer for your Highest Good.
  • Look at these aspects of your life from a Higher level.
  • Bring loving and gratitude into your heart and view your life from a new perspective

Each day invites us to begin anew. To be in our loving. To be fully present in our life as it is now….allowing and inviting Grace to be present.

Please consider giving this gift to yourself. And join us for this four-week class.

There are two options for taking this class, one is on Wednesdays, the other on Saturdays.

Plus, a complimentary webinar, if you want to check it out a bit before you sign on:

Complimentary Webinar:  Saturday, February 26  9:00-10:00 am MST. (Convert to your time zone)   Click here to register

All classes are on Zoom

Wednesday Class Dates: March 2, 9, 16 and 23.  5:30 pm-7:00 pm MST. Click here to register.

Saturday Class Dates: March 5, 12, 19 and 26.  9:00 am-10:30 pm MST. Click here to register.

Please note that recordings will be available in case you need to miss or want to review.

Cost is $235 if paid by February 26. $250 after that. Can make two payments of $130 each. 

There is also an option for this class as an individual coaching program.

Please call for prices for the individual program (402) 968-3894.

Early Bird Option - Pay By February 26th


One Payment Option


Two-Payment Option


Two payments of $130

Each day invites us to begin anew. To be in our loving. To be fully present in our life as it is now….allowing and inviting Grace to be present.

Week 1


Awareness of what you want to let go in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Where are you denying reality? Gain an understanding of why it’s so difficult to let go.  What is the positive intention behind it? 

Week 2


Learn tools to help you in the moment to clear negativity, release what you are ready to let go in perfect timing for your Highest Good. 

Week 3


Look at your life and these situations from a higher level. How are they teaching you to be in your loving? 

Week 4


Learning to be present. Connecting with your True Self, and the part of you that knows what to do. Opening to what’s works for you now in your life. 

Join us! Classes start Wed., March 2nd and Sat., March 5th! 

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From Dixie:
Hi!  I’m so glad you’re checking out my next class called The Art of Letting Go. The class will be a great way to help you gain the tools and the courage to let go of who or what no longer serves your Highest Good in your life, in perfect timing.

If you would like to learn more about me and the work I do, click here. 

I would love to have you join me for the class starting on either Wednesdays, March 2 or Saturdays,  March 5.


"My intention is to live a soul centered life and to assist others on that same path."

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I have taken several of the classes in Dixie’s ‘Woman of Consequence’ series and they have helped me overcome barriers I didn’t even know were there, but were keeping me stuck. I am finally listening and trusting my own inner guidance, and doing what I really want to do!

-Deb M.


Through this series, I noticed significant changes in my energy and thought processes.  It’s like life got easier to process and handle, and the hard stuff didn’t seem as hard or take as long to move through.  Things I feel I’ve been working on for years seemed not to be as heavy, and the things that needed to click in order to clear, did.  I’m seeing the life I’d hoped I’d live with the balance and love I wanted to feel.  The sweetness and joy of life are more present, and I’m finding my way to living a life of joy instead of just surviving.  This class is transformational and life-altering!  If you want to find your path to a life lived in joy and love, this is the way!  

-Toni S.


Dixie continues to inspire more inner reflection for me with each series of classes she does. Regardless of how much work one has done on themself, these classes are divinely designed to take you deeper into more self awareness. She creates loving support in a safe place with humor and and insight.
I’m addicted to the meditations and continued learning.

-Robbie B.

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