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The Journey of Transformation:
Moving Through Life’s Transitions

“Trust that whatever the conditions are in your life, they are
in some way being served as Light actions. Be open for transformation through the grace of God.” John Morton, DSS


Ground zero.  That place where the old no longer fits and the new way of being hasn’t shown up yet.  It can feel like you are being torn apart, like you don’t belong in your own life. This happens to a certain degree with all our life’s transitions.

There is a structure to a transition that creates our transformation when we let go and allow. This transformation changes and shapes us on all levels, including energetically and in our DNA.

Transitions are an agreement we made a long time ago to evolve and are part of our Soul’s agenda. All are designed to help us let go of identifying with who we are not and aligning with who we truly are.

They can include the obvious, divorce, death, loss of job, moving, new career, retirement. They often start on the inner levels, letting go of an old pattern or addiction, healing old wounds or trauma, loving yourself on a deeper level, opening more to Spirit.

Life itself is the grandest transition set up by our Soul to move us from a place of sleep to remembering our true nature. Our journey is designed to help us to surrender and remember.

Whatever the transition, there are certain questions in each that we consciously or unconsciously answer.  The Soul and the human level often have different answers.

Each week we will do processes and meditations with that week’s question as the theme.  Answering from both the Soul’s and Ego’s point of view. The information during class and work in between classes will assist you to go deeper inside to find the answers, on whatever level you’re on. Scroll down to see the description of each week.

We will also be clearing energetically and working with DNA to help move forward and expand. This class is designed to give you the tools to assist you in whatever transition you may be going through now, but also for the future.

Class meets Six Saturdays: January 14, 21, 28, February 4, 11, 18 from 9:00-10:30 am MST (Convert to your time zone)

Cost: $249
Payment options: You can do two payments of $140 each (totaling $280) or three payments of $95 (totaling $285). 

Contact me for other payment options: [email protected] or call (402) 968-3894.

All classes are on Zoom and will be recorded.

There is a complimentary webinar, if you want to check out the material a bit before you sign on:

Complimentary Webinar: Saturday, January 7th  9:00-10:00 am. MST (Convert to your time zone) To register click here.

One Payment Option



Two-Payment Option


Two payments of $140

Three-Payment Option


Three payments of $95

Each day invites us to begin anew. To be in our loving. To be fully present in our life as it is now….allowing and inviting Grace to be present.

Week 1

We will explore the question: Who am I now, or who will I be? Opening to the essence of who you are without people/situations/patterns that had defined you.


Week 2

We will examine the question: Am I Safe? Where is my sense of safety when the world as I know it is fading away. (or, maybe feeling like it’s being blown apart)

Week 3

We will look at: Am I Enough? Am I enough to start over, to be/do more, to expand into my greater self?

Week 4


We will delve into: How can I let go
of what no longer serves me? Learning acceptance, tools for letting go. Reclaiming parts stuck in past transitions.

Week 5

We will consider the question: Why is this happening? The eternal search for a reason.  Learning to stop looking for life to make sense or follow our expectations. Looking at your life from a Higher perspective.

Week 6

We will answer: What is my next step? Clarity, courage, next steps for your life. What is your vision for yourself and your life?

Join us! Classes start Sat., January 14th! 

From Dixie:
Hi! Thank you for checking out my new class, The Journey of Transformation: Moving Through Life’s Transitions. 


The transitions we face can be very confusing, sometimes overwhelming or devastating. This class helps you know yourself better at this stage of your life and teaches you tools to help manage the stress of change. Plus, you will be learning with a group of like minded women supporting each other.

"My intention is to live a soul centered life and to assist others on that same path."

Check out our growing community

I have taken several of the classes in Dixie’s ‘Woman of Consequence’ series and they have helped me overcome barriers I didn’t even know were there, but were keeping me stuck. I am finally listening and trusting my own inner guidance, and doing what I really want to do!

-Deb M.

Through this series, I noticed significant changes in my energy and thought processes.  It’s like life got easier to process and handle, and the hard stuff didn’t seem as hard or take as long to move through.  Things I feel I’ve been working on for years seemed not to be as heavy, and the things that needed to click in order to clear, did.  I’m seeing the life I’d hoped I’d live with the balance and love I wanted to feel.  The sweetness and joy of life are more present, and I’m finding my way to living a life of joy instead of just surviving.  This class is transformational and life-altering!  If you want to find your path to a life lived in joy and love, this is the way!  

-Toni S.

Dixie continues to inspire more inner reflection for me with each series of classes she does. Regardless of how much work one has done on themself, these classes are divinely designed to take you deeper into more self awareness. She creates loving support in a safe place with humor and and insight.
I’m addicted to the meditations and continued learning.

-Robbie B.

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