The Sovereignty of Women-Aligning with Soul

Jul 28, 2022

“Deep within all women is a yearning for healing and connection to Spirit…. There is knowledge on a cellular level that all life is sacred and the role of being a woman is to be honored.”  Dixie Clark

We are at a time in our development where the sovereignty of women is once again at the forefront.  The rules/laws against the rights of women are once again being contested.  And, we are answering the question, “Who has authority over us?”

Many women and men are being called to stand up, speak up to protect ourselves and each other. Taking action in the world to let our voices be heard. This unity is very much needed right now.

There is also the personal sovereignty which plays into the bigger picture of the Sovereignty of Women. Individually, are our beliefs and rules for ourselves updated to match who we are today? Or, are we oppressing our own Spirit as well.  There are daily questions about personal sovereignty, too, that I am asking of myself:

  • Where have I given my power away to others, to authority, other people’s opinions, old conditioning, perfectionism, apathy, numbing out, giving up?
  • Where am I living on autopilot and making unconscious decisions?
  • Where have I allowed others to define me or say what I am allowed?

I find it can be very subtle at times.  Those subtle moments where I let go of who I am and get caught up in letting others define me.

We can become separated from our inner guidance, our instincts, and can make the opinions of others our compass, without even realizing it.

Now more than ever, our Sovereignty is inviting each of us to be aware.

To do the work in the world that our heart and Soul are guiding us to do.

And do the inner work necessary to live consciously and make choices aligned with our Soul.

The Sovereignty of Women is the theme of a series of classes I will be offering. They are all designed to assist us to let go of what no longer serves us, and make conscious choices based on who we are today, aligned with our Soul.

The first class is called Releasing Rules of Perfection and Other Nonsense-Aligning with Soul. Read more

Complimentary Webinar.   Read more

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