"My work helps you let go of old ways of dealing with life that no longer work for you, and open to the joy and Loving that is present."

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I work with those who are seeking change in their lives or want to deepen their connection to Spirit. 

I offer a unique blend of Spirituality, psychology and energy healing to help people release emotional blocks, heal past trauma, and change limiting beliefs to open to their soul’s expression.

Soul-Centered Counseling

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Aura Balancing

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What people are saying:

Deb M.

I have taken several of the classes in Dixie’s ‘Woman of Consequence’ series and they have helped me overcome barriers I didn’t even know were there, but were keeping me stuck. I am finally listening and trusting my own inner guidance, and doing what I really want to do!


Toni S.

Through this series, I noticed significant changes in my energy and thought processes.  It’s like life got easier to process and handle, and the hard stuff didn’t seem as hard or take as long to move through.  Things I feel I’ve been working on for years seemed not to be as heavy, and the things that needed to click in order to clear, did.  I’m seeing the life I’d hoped I’d live with the balance and love I wanted to feel.  The sweetness and joy of life are more present, and I’m finding my way to living a life of joy instead of just surviving.  This class is transformational and life-altering!  If you want to find your path to a life lived in joy and love, this is the way!  

Robbie B.

Dixie continues to inspire more inner reflection for me with each series of classes she does. Regardless of how much work one has done on themself, these classes are divinely designed to take you deeper into more self awareness. She creates loving support in a safe place with humor and and insight. I’m addicted to the meditations and continued learning.

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