Soul-Centered Counseling

“When the Soul’s purpose can be seen in the patterns of our lives, life becomes a celebration.”  Dr. Dixie Clark


It is never too late to heal, to transform, to open to your Soul’s expression and be the Highest version of yourself in the world. 

Is now the time to let go of any sense of not worthy or not enough, and claim the power, grace and wisdom within you?

I work with those who are seeking change in their lives or want to deepen their connection to Spirit.

I offer a unique blend of Spirituality, psychology and energy healing to help people release emotional blocks, heal past trauma, and change limiting beliefs to open to their soul’s expression.

This work allows the deep healing and clearing necessary to help you open to your heart to life, and bring that loving forward. It assists you to understand your life and your patterns from your Soul’s perspective.

When you are willing to let go of what is no longer working and open to new possibilities, it is an invitation to Spirit for assistance.  Spirit meets you at your point of action and willingness.  And, when you combine your intention and resources with the healing power of Spirit, absolute miracles occur.

Who Should Call:

  • If you are on a journey of self exploration and connection to Spirit

  • If you are ready to let go of old patterns that keep you stuck

  • If you are ready to open to the joy, loving, and enthusiasm that is your soul’s expression.

  • If you are ready to align with your soul’s purpose

I honor the experience of each person and bring a loving, compassionate energy to my work. I assist you to see the deeper patterns in your lives and to understand your soul’s agenda. This can help you bring a sense of purpose to your life and to each situation.

When the Soul’s purpose can be seen in the patterns of our lives, life becomes a celebration!

What others have received;

  • Heart opened, deeper connection to Spirit

  • Stronger sense of self and new found Spirituality

  • Profound and powerful progress

  • Shifted at a cellular level

  • Shed old thinking patterns

  • Discovered soul’s purpose

  • Expanded awareness, connected with Higher Self

  • Released long standing emotional blocks

  • Connected with inner resources and power

  • Felt energized and empowered

Please call to schedule an appointment or free consultation. I offer in person sessions as well as phone/Skype sessions, groups, and workshops.

What people are saying:

"Dixie Clark has a profound way of healing that taps into all levels of a person.  She has helped me to discover myself and what my soul’s purpose is in life, how to connect with my higher self, and how to continue to expand my awareness so that I feel closer to God.  I truly believe that Dixie has been blessed with insight and the ability to connect to Spirit. A wonderful blessing to all people willing to seek her services.” – S.L.

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